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Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Photography |

Virtual world of art – online photography galleries

Virtual world of art – online photography galleries

Photography is a method of documenting scenes and recording the moments. But it has, also, a great artistic potential. A good photograph can capture special moments, frame a fractions of time, store emotions, online-photography-degree-12meaningful stories or raise some ultimate questions. It can impact a viewer and extend one’s mind with a whole new experience. This is exactly what made it be recognized as an equally valuable art form, along with time – honored fine art forms, such as painting, sculpture and architecture.
There are no rules on how to make a good photograph. It’s a combination of craft, technical skills, sense for aesthetic and talent to organize elements precisely enough to express the captured moment properly. Artists play with subjects, light, forms, textures, shadows, contrast, colors and different styles in order to express themselves, a world around them and a life itself.

Since 19th century, photography evolved and proved its artistic capacity, effecting the history of art in various ways. Today, it is one of the most important artistic mediums of a modern age. Because of its accessibility, affordability and capability to follow development of modern technology, it is to expect a wide-range of its future effects on modern art. Photographers have entered art galleries around the world, but they have taken a step forward. Online photography galleries.

It is becoming quite popular among photographers, especially the beginners, to manage their personal profile and gallery online and to upload and exhibit their work on the internet. This makes their photos available to public in cyber world, open to receive critiques and comments from all kinds of viewers, but also gives them possibility to communicate with other artists and share their experiences in much easier manner.
fp-700x420Furthermore, there are websites that gather artwork collections of many artists, playing a role of a true art galleries, only virtual ones. These sites search the internet, pick profiles with quality photos and creative content and bring them all to one place. Photographs are usually grouped into selections based on a subject, style or a medium used to make a photo. Depending on what you’re interested in, you can use filters to search the site and review only the photos or artists that suit your artistic taste the best.

You can list photography galleries and choose to review landscapes, still life, fashion photos, portraits, nature and many other subjects. If you select galleries based on a style, the sites will offer you fine art, conceptual art, documentary photography, abstract photography, photojournalism and many other. Or you can choose your preferred medium and pick between digital art, black and white photos, color or polaroid photography.

Each photo contains general info about the artist, description of a photograph itself and a link to the artist’s personalPorfolium
profile. Also, there can be a price listed below if a photograph is on sale.
These websites, an online art galleries, are perfect solution for modern photographers. It’s simple, cheap, available and efficient way to exhibit their work to huge number of viewers, interact with similar artists, get advices and critiques, get in touch with public and possibly earn money from an online sale. Also, virtual photo galleries sites often feature articles about photography, give advices on selling art, promoting artwork and advertise different upcoming photography events. For all art lovers or collectors, these galleries are exceptional sources of photography artworks and artists, providing them with a great experiences while surfing the site, same as if they took a walk down the halls of some real art gallery.